Finished adding artwork

Posted by rofreason on April 30, 2010  • 

Well, after much hard work I finally managed to get all the artwork up and the scores posted. You should be able to see that in the individual reviews. Now that I have that done, I want to get cracking on some new reviews and get the interviews up there. More to come...

Welcome to Remnants of Reason

Posted by rofreason on March 10, 2010  • 

This is placeholder text with a couple of False links to make sure that the style is OK. Stick around for a redesign of the site as I begin to get more familiar with databases. I hope to have the whole site database-driven with a lot more reviews soon!

New Theme, Same content

Posted by rofreason on March 8, 2010  • 

This is a new theme that I am modifying as I get the new site up and running. Comments are appreciated!

Legacy Site

Posted by rofreason on February 22, 2010  • 

Don't forget that many of the old reviews and interviews are still up at The RoR Legacy page.