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A Perfect Murder - Strength through Vengeance

2005 Victory Records :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-11-17

I'm not too familiar with A Perfect Murder (not to be confused with A Perfect Circle, whoa, big difference), but from what I understand the lineup that recorded this record is different than the previous LP, vocals included. If you're clamoring for some Pantera, than do yourself a favor and go get this. APM is the perfect mix between old hardcore, thrash and everything that made us all go apeshit for Pantera. Including a vocalist who has his Phil down to a tee. A lot of these songs wouldn't sound too out of place on any Pantera record, especially tracks like 'Snake Eyes' and 'Body and Blood', with their southern flared thrash. Good production and for the most part, good songs make this a rather enjoyable release. But the Pantera-ims will kind of get on your nerve after repeatedly listening, especially if you own anything from then or Exhorder. I'd be interested to see what they do on the next record. You could do worse than picking this up. As a side note, one cool thing about this and most of the recent Victory records releases lately is that it comes with an extra DVD that has a smattering of the labels music videos on there as a bonus so you can check out their other bands.