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  • Abaddon Incarnate - The Last Supper

    Abaddon Incarnate - The Last Supper
    1999 Season of Mist Records


Abaddon Incarnate - The Last Supper

1999 Season of Mist Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-11-05

"These Irish are playing Death Metal the way it was meant to be raw, brutal and evil..." Why did I cop out and start this with a direct quote from the CD sleeve? Because in having to describe this, I can';t seem to collect any rational thoughts, this "album" being one of the most chaotic and disjointed, yet bone-jarring releases this issue. The names Morbid Angel and others that helped establish the Florida sound are thrown with reckless abandon when trying to sell this album, but to me, it sounds like Cryptopsy';s None So Vile with a ton of distortion. So much so that most of the rhythm tracks are undecipherable, melodies (used loosely) popping up on the lead guitar tracks. But even there, whew, is it ever crazy. The vocals even remind of the great Lord Worm, and while it';s a valiant effort, only Cryptopsy seem to be able to hold things together, The Last Supper falling just way the fuck apart almost consistently. Yeah, it';s super fast, but almost to the effect that I';m just wondering what the point really is? I can pick things out once in a while, but unless you';re in a drunken stupor, you usually want to know where you are, right? As Rob would put it, you gotta have the headbanging groove! So, OK, some cool moments, but unless you felt that None So Vile was way overproduced, I can';t see why the hell you would want to listen to this. These boys must drink a lot of coffee.