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Amon Amarth - The Avenger

1999 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-06-30

Back for the attack, these Swedish metallers have honed their Viking inspired mayhem further, shedding the more progressive elements which were present on their last release and concentrating more on the power and aggressional emotion for which this band has become known. Most of the change in this is due to the change in the drum seat, Fredde (ex-A Canorous Quintet) being more of a power drummer, where Martin Lopez (now in Opeth), had an almost jazzy feel at times. Nothing is compromised, thankfully, the band still writing the same breed of staccato riffs and melodious thunder. It's not much of a departure from Once Sent in that regard, Amon Amarth choosing not to deviate from something that works, but that's OK at this point. I will say this though, the final track, Legend of a Banished Man, is easily my favorite thing that AA has done so far, just being the best representation of what I think that the band is trying to accomplish through their music. A tremendous finale to a strong album, Amon Amarth have once again proved their worth in the metal scene, fortifying their position at the top of the food chain. Bravo.