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  • At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

    At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
    1996 Earache Records


At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

1996 Earache Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

What makes an album perfect? Well, all the clues needed to find the answer to that question can be found on Slaughter of the Soul. One of the most agressive albums to come out in years, it's also one that I also keep coming back to, and once on, can't turn off until the entire album is finished. Fredrik Nordstrom and studio Fredman have again managed to help create some of the greatest guitar tracks on tape. From start to finish this album is a monster, propelled by Adrian Erlandsson's undestated but incredibly solid percusion foundation upon which layer after layer of guitar is placed. The final strike is courtesy of Tomas Lindberg's vocals, which while reminiscent of Mille Petrozza from Kreator, just seem so much more brutal here. Every song is a keeper, and the two acoustic tracks (5 and 11) add, rather than subtract, as they sometimes can. You can take my word for it, if you haven't heard this album, get it, for pure and simple, it is excellent. Unfortunately, this is also their Swan Song, as the band split to form different groups (The Haunted, etc...) after this tour.