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  • At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease

    At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease
    1994 Peaceville Records


At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease

1994 Peaceville Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

Terminal Spirit Disease finds At the Gates refining their "Gothenburg" sound to near perfection. More of an EP than a full release (only 22 minutes without the live tracks) this is a nice representation of the transition that the band was going through at the time. Terminal Spirit Disease mixes the melody of the past releases with the brutality that they would unleash on Slaughter of the Soul. Thoughtful lyrics add a really nice touch to the songs here, presented in Tomas Lindberg's demented Kreator vocal style. Musically, the band plays extremely well together, with enough variation over the album to keep interest piqued. The live songs are a nice bonus (to expand the short playing time) and serve as a good reminder of where the band was in the past. I've heard comparisons to Entombed and such, but I think they've got a pretty unique sound which is easily distinguishable from the rest of the genre. This is definitely a must have for fans of melodic metal, as At the Gates are definitely one of the best bands of this group.