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  • Atomic Bitchwax, The - The Atomic Bitchwax

    Atomic Bitchwax, The - The Atomic Bitchwax
    1999 MIA Records


Atomic Bitchwax, The - The Atomic Bitchwax

1999 MIA Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Groovy, oh so groovy, TAB consisting of Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet), who apparently remembers that he used to play some pretty cool shit before selling out with Wyndorf (c'mon, Space Lord?) It's still a it too "retro", sounding like a bunch of stuff that's been done all thrown together, but stil kinda cool, main catalyst being Keith Ackerman's hyper drumming. It's just all so 70s, really bowing a lot to Hawkwind, which is the main influence I'd say these guys have, yet I jus t couldn't put my finger on it for a while. Weird to see that they do a cover of Core's Kiss the Sun, as Core are now labelmates with these guys. Obligatory references are made to Fu Manchu and other bands of that ilk, although they're nowhere near the vicinity of Kyuss or Sleep. That may give you some indication of where TAB chose to roam. A healthy "eh" out of me, finding this OK, but kinda drab. It'll resurface when I want to hear something like this and get played over the other 15 bands that have released works in this genre lately.