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  • Benumb - Soul of the Martyr

    Benumb - Soul of the Martyr
    1998 Relapse Records


Benumb - Soul of the Martyr

1998 Relapse Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

Listen up kids, if ultra-fast hardcore thrash is your bag, then run, don't walk, to your local cd shoppe and throw down the bucks for this baby. If, perchance, that isn't your idea of a rocking Friday night, you'd better leave this hunk of burnin' binary alone. Not counting a 10 minute live set tacked on the end, Benumb manage to cram 34 songs into just over that many minutes to perform aural surgery without any anaesthetic. Track 8 is a 9 minute sludgefest, but everything else is just one-two-three-four blastbeat city, which is little more than I can handle on your average day. No lyrics but honorable mentions go out to about a thousand bands on the thank you list, brings me back a few years I must say. All in all, if you miss old Heresy, L?rm or Scum era Napalm Death, this and Nasum are for you. As for me, I'm afraid I'll have to check this war machine at the door. 5 out of 10