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  • Beseech - From A Bleeding Heart

    Beseech - From A Bleeding Heart
    1998 Metal Blade Records


Beseech - From A Bleeding Heart

1998 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

Obviously schooled in the gothic realm, Beseech gather some of the better attributes of this metal subgenre, producing a bittersweet album which is definitely for those who dress in black. I hear traces of Paradise Lost, Sentenced (vocally), My Dying Bride, In Flames and others at varying times. Obligatory female vocals are here (The Gathering), but it's the variance between tracks which really spices up this emotionally charged potpourri. Strong musical performances, with vocals that run the gamut (clean to death) presenting tales of woe, which makes for a nice package. Probably something that I'd throw on only to accompany a thunderstorm some Sunday, but one of the better efforts I've heard lately, not quite so pretentious, I guess. Worth checking out if you're trapped in an existentialist nightmare and are having trouble finding the soundtrack.