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  • Bewitched - Diabolical Desecration

    Bewitched - Diabolical Desecration
    1996 Osmose Records


Bewitched - Diabolical Desecration

1996 Osmose Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

When I first heard this, it was on tape, and I seriously had no idea what decade it came from. So, in that regard, Blackheim and co. succeeded in making a timeless record. What we really have here is a homage project to those great bands of yore, Venom, Mercyful Fate, etc. The main difference here is that these guys can play, and the production is ten times better than it ever could have been back then! I actually think it was the bass drum sound that gave away when this record was made. Overall, a really fun album that brings us all back to the "glory" days of satano-metal. Throaty vocals, buzzsaw guitar and relentless drumming combine to form the core of Bewitched, who pretty much recycle a bunch of classic riffs and bring them effortlessly into the '90s. It's one of those albums that you can put on in the backround, but every once in a while a riff will just grab you. So, like 80's metal, once that riff grabs you, it's there to stay! Not going for variety here but hey, this is some kick ass old school metal here, not "retro" at all to me because it's like these guys went into a coma 10 years ago and just woke up. A little lacking in coherence but more than makes up for it in riffage. Sick of 10,000 riffs a song that you can never remember? Pick this up and revel in the memories