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  • Bewitched - Pentagram Prayer

    Bewitched - Pentagram Prayer
    1997 Osmose Records


Bewitched - Pentagram Prayer

1997 Osmose Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

On Diabolical Desecration, it seems that Blackheim recieved all of the credit, and appeared to be the main driving force behind the band. Imagine my initial disappointment when I realized that he only contributed to 2 songs (writing) and 6 overall (singing only)! Buuut, it seems as though, as brilliant as his riff writing abilities may be, his role in the band was overrated, as Vargher more than holds his own here. Taking the ideas spawned on the first release, Bewitched here decide to make a go at forsaking the goodtime attitude and just blowing power metal of the '90s straight out of the water. There was some serious riffage on the first release, but there was a scattered atmosphere present which detracted from the album overall. Things are fixed here, and Pentagram Prayer just bulldozes through 12 (why only 12 and not 13? How could they resist???) tracks of some of the best stuff since the German attack 10 years ago. Taking solo guitar duties, Vargher displays his songwriting brilliance, creating riff after memorable riff. I totally just eat this stuff up. The rhythm section is there, but the focus here is guitars, guitars, guitars, which are supported well and never overpowered. This is a must have for those let down by the supposed Jag Panzer comeback, or just get hives at the thought of Judas Priest wheeling their way up to the stage. Satanic imagery is a bit much for me, but it reminds me of the half seriousness of the mid '80s, so I can bypass this aspect. Kick ass!