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Bleeding Through - Wolves Among Sheep DVD

2005 Trustkill Records :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-12-15

SoCals Bleeding Through come across as the black sheep (no pun intended with regards to the title) among the metalcore scene. Way more metal than hardcore, Bleeding Through aren't afraid to mix their death metal and grind core with your typical harcore break downs. Unlike the bulk of bands in this scene, one thing you wont find is those harmonies ripped off from In Flames here either. But the biggest difference with BT is their use of a live keyboardist to add atmosphere to the brutality, which actually makes alot of parts come across almost as black metal. Surprising to say the least, given the band originally formed as a side project of 18 Visions. Which brings us to this DVD, the second from the band within a year. Strictly for the fans only, 'Wolves among Sheep' is a extensive documentary of the band from their inception to now. Added to that are some live footage, which like their live DVD, muddled and unlistenable. Also included is their promo video for 'Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire'. Although I really dig this band (you could barely call them a hardcore band at all), and enjoy watching things like this, the extremely long lenght of the DVD does drag the thing down. Also more live footage would have been a plus, but again,stictly for the hardcore (hah!) Bleeding Through fans only while we wait for their highly anticipated new album.