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  • Blotorch - Blotorch

    Blotorch - Blotorch
    1999 Wicked World Records


Blotorch - Blotorch

1999 Wicked World Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

For some reason, I really expected Blotorch to be some kind of punk record, with the misspelled name and industrial tinged graphics. Imagine my surprise (if you will) then when what burst from my speakers was the record that Dark Tranquillity should have released instead of Projector. And that's not even the best part, Blotorch just really shredding across a multitude of styles, basing things in the melodic death realm, but also drawing from some brutal death and black metal influences as well. I have absolutely no information on this band, other than that they're from Holland, which adds to a certain air of mystery and in fact, allowed all prejudgements to be vacant. Strongest elements are the keen riffs (very DT influenced on many tracks, as I mentioned), the spot-on drumming, and some serious paint-scraping vocals. It sounds like someone's running a cheese grater along his vocal chords (shudder). Things stay along the midpace, occasionally slowing things down, or hitting blast territory. Some truly ranuchy intro samples are a bit of place, but definitely had "shock value", which is why these are placed there. Much like Soilwork's first effort, Blotorch is instantly recognizable, but may be open to too many comparisons (Dark Tranquillity vs At the Gates for SoilworK). It doesn't matter to me though, as I find enough to keep me interested here, and I really didn't like Projector. Full on recommendation from me on this one if you get into the post-Gotheburg melodic sound.