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Bolt Thrower - Warmaster

1990 Earache Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

Slower than it's predecessor, Warmaster finds Bolt Thrower slowing things down and actually tuning things higher! In my opinion, this is the first real Bolt Thrower record, as here the band begins to really define the sound that they would later perfect. The overall sound is good, albeit the band is still a little off-kilter, kind of like a Panzer tank with one busted chain. Truly strange drumming from Andy Whale, a double bass monster who plays just slightly off-time, his signature style, and a pretty interesting one at that. Really cool songs keep this beast moving at full speed, although, as I stated before, there's still some old punkiness present which allows things to kinda get out of control. Still, Bolt Thrower is Bolt Thrower, there's just no other band out there that can hold a candle, really. So where does Warmaster stand in the BT Discography? Way above Realm of Chaos in terms of quality, but a couple steps below the next two.