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Bolt Thrower - ...for Victory

1994 Earache Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

Another Bolt Thrower album. ...For Victory is basically The Fourth Crusade re-recorded with the riffs changed. Why do I say this? Because Bolt Thrower are about as close to perfect as a band can get, and they're smart enough to realize that altering this sound will do nothing positive for them. Musicianship is superb, with Andy Whale continuing the assault on his knees by playing about 40 minutes of constant double bass. His penchant for off-placed snare hits remains, but he, as well as everyone else, functions like a well-oiled machine, Willets barking out vocals like a deranged drill sergeant, just decimating everything in his path. Another brilliant opening riff (very similar to TFC) and it just gets better. One problem I found with their last opus was that around the halfway point, things began to blend together a bit too much. Not a problem for me here. The whole album just flies by, and when the finale hits (marked by a cannon firing) I'm always surprised. As of now, my favorite Bolt Thrower record, this is a must have.