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Cannibal Corpse - Gallery of Suicide

1998 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

The Cannibal Corpse legacy continues, with these Florida deathsters releasing yet another 14 tracks of metal intensity. Seriously, these guys are an institution, producing opus after blood soaked opus of unrelenting grind. To my tainted ears, however, Gallery of Suicide sounds fresher and feistier than the last few, no small part due to the insane delivery of Der Corpsemeister himself, George Fisher. Also up a notch or two is the flyin' finger guitar attack, aided and abetted by new addition Pat O'Brien (proving himself no slouch while in Nevermore), who just rips through this material as if born for the task. Cannibal here also manage to create memorable riffs, one aspect of "grindcore" which keeps me at bay. Sterling Morrisound production highlights the cold, mechanical delivery, only emotion expressed being hate. This is best evidenced in tracks such as: I Will Kill You, and Gallery of Suicide, which incorporates a truly kick ass waltzy guitar intro; somthing that makes me throw this back in the player over say, Deicide. If you know their past works (as most due, Cannibal being one of the most notorious acts around) then you'll get the same old Cannibal, albeit a little tighter and snazzier to my ears, and for you neophytes, a nice intro to one of the tightest, sickest bands on the planet. A guitarist's showcase, extremely technical and mechanical, held together by Mazurkiewicz's fast but seemingly stable percussion and Webster's Kornish bass. Not bad, not bad at all, especially to someone who never got into their previous works.