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  • Carnal Forge - Who's Gonna Burn

    Carnal Forge - Who's Gonna Burn
    1999 WAR Music


Carnal Forge - Who's Gonna Burn

1999 WAR Music :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Kicking off the new year with 10 killer tracks, Carnal Forge blaze a trail of hate which forces everyone to move aside or be charred to a crisp. Fueled by a strong feeling of hate, Who's Gonna Burn follows Defleshed's path of intensity, then completely obliterates it by forcing the strained vocals of Jonas Kjellgren into your home. Seriously, three seconds, then you're in the middle of a sonic shitstorm. Things may let up a "tad" on closer Confuzzed, but the aural hell found there more than accounts for any decrease in speed. It's easy to appraoch burnout, both as a performer and a listener in this genre, but Carnal Forge know when to say when, coming in for the kill and leaving you gutted on the floor before you can call for help. I guess this'll be lumped into the whole NWOSDM sub-genre, but man, this really deserves it's own place on the shelf, for Who's Gonna Burn is sure to be influencing bands for years to come. One to get, that's for damn sure.