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  • Centurion - Arise of the Empire

    Centurion - Arise of the Empire
    1999 Scarlet Records


Centurion - Arise of the Empire

1999 Scarlet Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

If you're pressed for time reading this review, I'll cut you a break and tell you what this sounds like in 5 words, by the book power metal. I think that these guys were a bit hit at metalfest, for everyone kept talking about their set. As for me, I don't even know if they played, and if they did, I certainly was off watching something else, as I really don't get into this particular brand of heaviness. And it is heavy, but just chock full of cliches for me, and the vocals... The sirens of victory are always the kiss of death in my opinion, destroying any chance that the cool riffs had of winning me over. I just can't do it, these vibrato notes only succeeding in pissing me off. Which kinda sucks, as I really like some of the chord progressions. It's weird, I can get used to many different styles, but not these harpy shrieks. Sorry guys, I know you can play, but I'm getting a headache. There are some positives, some of which being the best of Maiden and even Rush revamped for the '90s, maybe the vocalist can be mixed lower next album.