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  • Core - The Hustle Is On

    Core - The Hustle Is On
    1999 MIA Records


Core - The Hustle Is On

1999 MIA Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Here's another one from the same school of stoner rock where I placed the Bitchwax. Core are relatively infamous in small circles due to their Billy Anderson prodcued, Atlantic released album Revival, which people seemed to love, but was obviously not meant for mainstream America. Well, the boys have returned, this time releasing their work on the smaller but meaner Tee Pee/MIA Records. Immediately looking at the artwork (reminding me of Sleep's original Jerusalem cover, which reminded me of Bakshi's Wizards, you can tell that more artistic integrity was kept this time around, and the music seems to support that theory. I call it stoner rock because that's the definite impression that I get, Core producing sounds from a rig that I'm sure includes a Les Paul, vintage tube amplification, and most likely a "Big Muff" distortion pedal. Get the idea? Well, as I felt with the Bitchwax (I'm actually reviewing these back to back, which may be a mistake), it's OK, but an album that I'll only be hearing at certain times, like late on Sunday evenings when I'm burning the midnight oil. So while it's a bit tame for the tastes of the seasoned metalhead, there are some times when you want to throw in something else besides raging death, and Core can fit the bill quite nicely. Very unoffensive, you can play it for your family at Thanksgiving. Although don't drop LD 50 as one of the song titles to your cousin the biologist, heh heh.