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Coroner - Coroner

1995 Noise Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-01

Always thinking that this was a best of collection, I didn't pick this up until recently. Actually, after realizing how great Grin was and that there were indeed new songs to be found here. This is actually a post R.I.P. (double, get it?) album which the band released to fulfill their contractual obligations to Noise Records. Of the new tracks, there are guest musicians on both drums and bass, making me wonder what the heck was going on with the band at the time. As for the older tracks, I really don't need to explain more, for they kill. As for the new material... The first two songs presented are very similar to what was on Grin, yet maybe even more jazzy and progressive (thanks to ex-Clockwork/Mekong Delta drummer Peter Haas), but still appearing simple, if that can make any sense. As an album, things don't blend well together because Coroner went through such a huge change during their existence, and also because when songs like Divine Step end, I really, really want Son of Lilith to kick in, not one of the slower new tracks. Definitely worth having for what was previously unreleased though, for these newer songs are exactly what I crave most days now, heavy, progressive tracks which fit my mood perfectly at times. A travesty of sorts that this band was allowed to dissolve, but most people didn't understand or accept (myself one of them) the band's evolution of sound at the time.