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Crematorium - A World Where Only Nightmares Prevail

2001 Dismal Records America :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-10-17

What the fu-Thank Beelzebub Crematorium only sent a four-song sampler; I seriously don';t think I would be able to sit through anything longer. At first glance, Crematorium appear to be your run of the mill brutal death metal or black metal band by their choice of album title and cover. But geez, the minute you put this stinker in, you get some really terrible Coal Chamber meets hardcore death. Crematorium are obviously talented and sound extremely tight, but they are trying to combine to many different style that simply don';t gel very good. It';s quite a shame as well, because every now and than, you will hear a truly tasty riff or two, only for it to be forgotten. Unfortunately, the best track on here is a cover of ';Whiplash';. Metallica';s rather simple ode to aggression somewhat forces the band to focus their energy and ends up being the best track. Not a completely piece of turd (That';s honor gets saved for Gun Barrel!), but Crematorium really need to sit down and decide exactly what style they want to play and really, really focus.