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Cryptopsy - Blasphemy Made Flesh

1994 Invasion Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

Ah yes, the album that started it all. From the far, far north comes Cryptopsy, ready to dismember all that stand in their way. Canada is most definitely the land of the unholy blastbeat, and in this arena of speed, Flo Mounier holds the highest order. His legs made of pistons, Mounier is the driving force behind this wall of power, held together by string pluckers Langovin, Thiebault and Levasseur. Of course, top off the madness with resident goremeister Lord Worm's guttural vocals, and we're all in for some serious pain. Yeah, Kataklysm and others also play the hyperblast, but Cryptopsy are the ones that introduced "the beat" to me. "The beat", of course being the double kick blast beat which just knocks the shit out of everything. The production is not as clear here as it will get on subsequent albums, but idea-wise, there's just heaps here to chew on. One thing that gets me is how clear everything is, even at mach one. You always know what's going on musically, diametrically opposed to the vocal performance, which is barely one step removed from true mania. Lord Worm has this awesome belch which just makes everything sound so, evil. Not above belting out a killer scream now and again, the Lord is in control here, telling his morbid tales to us again and again. Mix this all up with the infamous "beat" and a classic is born. Re-released by Displeased records and now available to the masses. Tendonitis anyone?