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Cryptopsy - None So Vile

1996 Wrong Again Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

I'm telling you, for a small label, Wrong Again had some of the greatest bands, ever! Between In Flames, Arch Enemy, Eucharist and Cryptopsy, these guys had it made. Unfortunately, because of their size, most of the classic albums released are long since out of print, NSV being one of those, along with Subterranean, that I had been waiting to get for some time. Well, thanks to Yukiko, because it was only through her that I was able to get the Japanese version of this classic CD. While not quite as over the top as Whisper Supremacy (I guess), None So Vile is about as extreme as they come, a Tasmanian Devil of a record that flails and roars in every direction at once. A hydra of sound, if you will. A four-piece for this recording, it's actually guitarist Jon Levasseur who holds this thing together, drummer Flo Mounier holding a complete "go for it" attitude with regard to the beats and anit-beats he issues forth. Basically a decipherable wall of noise, None So Vile's production is a billion times better than their debut, thanks to knob-twiddler Pierre Remillard (Obliveon). Cryptopsy are notorious now for their approach to controlled chaos, and that element is definitely here (check out Slit Your Guts), but they were even MORE infamous on this release due to frontman/gorehound Lord Worm. I'd call this guy a Gutturalist rather than a vocalist, his eminations being of the epileptic sort that would scare the shit out of anyone at fifty paces. I've also been told that most of this type of music is completely unmemorable, with no melody. Well, I wholehardedly diagree, None So Vile holding some of the MOST remarkable riffs and solos I've heard in extreme music. This is a classic for those that can deal, and until it's released, it may also be one of the harder discs out there to find. Well fucking worth it though.