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Cyclone Temple - I hate, Therefore I Am

1991 Combat Records :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-09-14

Formerly known as Znowite, Cyclone Temple were a decent thrash band in the same vein as Testament in the early 90's. The thing I always like about the Temple was the speed picking of guitarist Greg Fulton. This man has what's got to be one of the fast down strokes out there. Your talking triplets Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) would kill for. Vocalist Brian Troch has a slight gravely and melodic voice reminiscant of Stephen Frederick (Kenziner) or David Godfrey (Heathen). My main beef with him is that the vocals lack any passion, sounding like someone singing the songs for the first time reading from a lyric sheet. Above average songs and tasteful leads abound, but its nothing that you haven't heard before if you were around than. A decent buy since you can get their discs used for cheap. Nothing mind blowing, but satisfying none the less.