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  • Death - Leprosy

    Death - Leprosy
    1988 Combat Records


Death - Leprosy

1988 Combat Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

Beginning the trend of renewing the band members on every release, Chuck bring us the best of the first three Death releases. Drawing 3/4 of the Florida band Massacre (sorry Kam Lee) Chuck molds the new crew nicely into a molten mess. Guitar work is ten times better than the first album, with some hints into the creative genius which would unfold. Vocals are still as rough as ever, and lyrics, well, they're there. An attempt to be political is made, but "Choke On It" is about the Mexicans who died in a cattle car train catastrophe back in the eighties. Ouch. Again, good for the time, this one holds up a little better, and Death began to get more publicity after this release. There's video documentation of this on the Ultimate Revenge Vol 2 (Combat, 1989?). I also got to see them on this tour at this tiny place in Millville N.J. with the other 10 people who decided to stay past Blood Feast.