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  • Death - Scream Bloody Gore

    Death - Scream Bloody Gore
    1987 Combat Records


Death - Scream Bloody Gore

1987 Combat Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

Ahh, the start of it all. This was pretty much a staple of my listening pool way back in high school. Never mind that with a walkman glued to your head, someone was bound to ask you what you were listening to. To be able to look at them straightfaced and reply "Death", the reactions were priceless. Well, as good as it was back then, it does indeed sound a little dated now. The drumming just kinda plods things along, and the simplistic riffing (NOTHING like the Death of today!) leaves something to be desired. But, along with Jeff Becerra of Possessed, "Evil" Chuck is pretty much to thank for the razor throat vocals which are so prevalent today. In fact, Chuck has managed to single-handedly invent and re-invent the genre over his lengthy career. So, while this disc may not be choice for the 90's, it's a definite history lesson, worth the 15 bucks just to hear where most people got their inspiration, whether they admit it or not! Unfortuantely for me, this left my possession as part of my post undergraduate vinyl liquidation. Rating: Musically a 6; Historically a 10.