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  • Death - Symbolic

    Death - Symbolic
    1996 Relativity Records


Death - Symbolic

1996 Relativity Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

Crossing the technicality of Human with a more melodious approach, Chuck brings in two newcomers to the Death fold. Both these guys (Koelble and Conlon) are new to me as of the recording (Conlon is on Monstrosity's Millennium release) but they totally shred, matching both Chuck and drum wizard Hoglan. The sound here is technical speed metal, but there is a quasi-emphasis on song structure here. I wore this out when I first got it, but truth be told, there's not that much that's memorable here (outside of the title track and Crystal Mountain). It's a strong release, but it pales in comparison to either Human or TSOP. Call this a transition record, building on the last two and preparing us for the onslaught of Chuck's next achievment.