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  • Defleshed - Under the Blade

    Defleshed - Under the Blade
    1997 Invasion Records


Defleshed - Under the Blade

1997 Invasion Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-02

Holy smokes! Like a kick in the face, Under the Blade just jumps out of the speakers, ready to pummel the crap out of the next unruly raver. One of the most unforgiving releases yet this year, Defleshed somehow managed to put together 36 minutes of precision death metal which is technically proficient and interesting beyond song two! Overall pace of the album is a pretty darn fast one, but these guys are skilled enough to pull it off. Crystal production helps quite a bit, as this could have just been mush to the ears. As I found with Diabolical, it seems as though the musicians are getting comfortable enough playing at light speed to be able to throw extra stuff into the mix without derailing the song. With an average track length around the 3 minute mark, Defleshed have made an album worth it's weight for anyone into the extreme side of things. For me, I definitely won't be listening to this while having my morning coffee lest my head implodes, which is why I'll give this the rating grade that I do. But there are those of you out there that will just literally kill for this, and I say go for it, as a mixture of power, mathematics and dedication doesn't come around to stay all that often. Re-released by Metal Blade Records in 1998. Also look for the first album which was supposedly released but I'll be damned if I can find any information on.