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Gorefest - Erase

1994 Nuclear Blast Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-06

While not quite the masterpiece that was False, Erase is non-the-less a worthy successor. More growth and development here, which of course, pissed off a lot of people who wanted and expected False 2. I was almost one... It seems like when a band releases an album like False, Clandestine, The Jester Race, and you listen to it over and over and over, you start starving for more. Unfortunately, the next album is never as good for some reason (above bands...) and Erase is a prime example. OK, the positives... Erase is really fucking heavy, like cement being poured on your skull. Gorefest are also tight as hell. There are couple of slow spots, and this is indicative of the mutation into classic rock that the band is apparently going through at this time. All in all, a good album, not another classic, but a worthy entry into the annals of metal.