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  • Grip Inc. - Nemesis

    Grip Inc. - Nemesis
    1997 Metal Blade Records


Grip Inc. - Nemesis

1997 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-06

After proving themselves on The Power of Inner Strength, Grip Inc decide to flesh out their aggressive sound into something more of their own. Opening track Pathetic Liar just rips into a groove and the album just steams along for 5 tracks. With most songs around the 3 minute mark, these are almost metalli-pop sensations, hooking you in and letting you go before monotony has a chance to set in. Portrait of Henry being a perfect example, where just as you begin to realize that this quick little ditty only has two parts, wham, it's over. What really propels this forward (besides the just beautiful production, listen with headphones!) is the flow of the album, with only one track getting in the way. Actually, Scream at the Sky is the only noticable flaw in the album (for me...), it just doesn't seem to fit with the album as a whole. Bonus points for effort given in expanding the bands sound, even if I don't dig the final result there. Other than that, man, this just smokes. Sticking at mostly the mid of tempos, Nemesis is a nice example of a well produced 90s power metal album. Good, thick guitar, gruff sung-spoken vocals, and Lomabardo's signature brand of percussion. And speaking of the guy, I don't care what the rumors are, I've seen him live, and the guy can PLAY! He also has own style, unimitable I believe, and perfect for the band's overall sound. Waldemar (Woodhouse Studios, ex-Despair) Sorychta is the true unsung hero here though, creating just layer after layer of beautiful sounds for us to enjoy. Overall, a couple of slower ones, a couple of fast ones, but just a really good album overall. Feel safe in dropping a couple bucks on this one.