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  • Grip Inc. - Solidify

    Grip Inc. - Solidify
    1999 Metal Blade Records


Grip Inc. - Solidify

1999 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-06

Continuing the growth exhibited on Nemesis, Grip Inc produce another excellent album, this time demanding that they be seen as their own band. I'll agree here, as I'd almost say that Slayer sounds more like Grip Inc now than G.I. ever sounded like Slayer. Now before I get shot for dissin' the mighty Slayer, just relax, Reign in Blood changed my life at 16 when it came out, just like evvveryone else, it's just time to let Lombardo lose the chains of that era, and for us to view Grip Inc as a separate entity, which in fact it always was. The layout of the album in terms of track to track dynamics is pretty similar to the previous album, mixing up tempos and varying the mood enough to keep attention past spin two. Again, it's the production that makes this album just so dang heavy, one of the thickest guitar sounds since the famed "Sunlight" days of yore. New bass addition Stuart Carruthers really fills out the sound, and according to the band, really allowed the music to grow. Sorychta is a guitar god, best witnessed on his just hallowing riffage during the mid-section of Lockdown, a prime example of beauty though darkness. The expanse of tonality and rhythm also allows Lombardo greater freedom for experimentation, which gives rise to some really freaky, yet powerful drumming. As I stated before, he definitely has his own style, whether it be the way he approaches his beats, or the timing of his fills, it's always Lombardoized. Another improvement is in the vocal department. On this release, Chambers (who was schooled more in the punk realm) using a more varied approach to his vocal patterns, performing good clean vocals on more than one occasion (Human comes to mind...). Yet again, Grip Inc prove their worth as a quality metal hybrid, fusing power and precision with dynamic and melody. One of the first quality records to emerge in 1999. In case you were curious, the title refers to the band combining their environmental and musical backgrounds to "Solidify" the G.Inc sound.