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Hate Eternal - Conquering the Throne

1999 Wicked World Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Possibly one of the most anticipated deathgrind releases this year, Hate Eternal boasts guitarists from two of the greatest extreme bands, Morbid Angel and Suffocation. Erik Rutan (the MA road guy who was also a member of Ripping Corpse) may be the main dude here, but the presence of one Doug Cerrito is also very known. Cerrito is the man, having written almost all of the best Suffocation material, and having these two in the same band is cause for some alarm. I can't believe sometimes how people can play this fast and this tight, also guessing that production is NOT the reason for this, but rather solid talent on these musicians' part. The Basswork is somewhat in the background as is typical of this genre, but oh man, not the drumming. Holy shit, Tim Yeung is set to be noticed, just blasting through 30+ minuted of some really, really extreme playing. The man is a machine, and I know most people throw that around now, but just listen to this guy's doubles and you'll hear what I mean. I made the mistake of trying to listen to this through headphones at work, and let me tell you, even for someone who deals with extreme all day, this was almost too much. Forget any tedious work whilst under the influence of this shit, for I almost lost it to the point of jumping up and thrashing co-workers on numerous occasions. Hey, you like brutal, brutal grind? Buy this, now. It doesn't get any deadlier. Highly recommeded and hereby named the deathgrind album of the issue.