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Iced Earth - Gettysburg 1863 DVD

2005 SPV :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-09-15

I believe this is the first DVD review for Remnants and unfortunately its a big pile of turd. As many of you are aware, main ego Jon Schaffer is fascinated with the civil war. That's all fine and dandy, and I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed (somewhat) the Glorious Burden. Hey, tracks like Greenface are killer songs, and I do think that given an album or two, Tim Owen is going to make a killer addition to the band, providing he sticks around of course. Now, here's why this DVD sucks. It comprises of the title track, which is way to fucking long as it is, and save for some cool vocal parts, is boring as can be. But, wait, there's more. Instead of filming a performance video, or anything with the band at it even in the slightest, its a animated video!!! And it isn't even that good! What the hell??? To make matter worse, there's a extremely long interview with Jon Schaffer where he talks about,...the store he owns! And than a guided tour with a guide who has the personality of stone wall! This DVD is utter crap, and I simply cannot fathom why Jon released this. I understand that some schools are using it for courses which is all and good but dammit, they really dropped the ball on this one. Hey Jon, here's a suggestion. Knock off all the egotistical nonsense and release a live DVD like you should have done in the first place! This pile of dung gets a BIG FAT ZERO.