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  • In Aeternum - Forever Blasphemy

    In Aeternum - Forever Blasphemy
    1999 Necropolis Records


In Aeternum - Forever Blasphemy

1999 Necropolis Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-08-11

Assembled to destroy anything that resides within the light, David Larsson and his horde pack quite a wallop here indeed. Comparisons to the whole lineage of Sweden are inevitable, as I hear traces of Naglfar, themselves indebted to Dissection, yet musicallty, there's so much here I hesitate to catagorize. In scrutinizing the performances, what really stands out are the guitar lines, threatened at times by Larsson's vocal delivery, which threatens to overpower at times. I guess it's here that the Naglfar comparisons come in, for the vocals remind me of Jens Ryden's performance on Diabolical, capturing the same emotional force that was also presented there. Well produced, but a little lacking in the mix. The drums tend to be a tad in the background, dimishing the unrelenting attack a tad, but this by no means compromises the overall picture. It's interesting to see the two paths taken from the whole Gothenburg, or what's now the NWOSDM sound, where bands like In Flames have kept the melody, yet compromised the assault, and In Aeternum and others accentuating the speed and power while keeping the core sound.