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  • In Extremo - Weckt die Toten!

    In Extremo - Weckt die Toten!
    1999 Metal Blade Records


In Extremo - Weckt die Toten!

1999 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Bursting out of central Europe like a second rate Skyclad sung in German, In Extremo ceratinly have something going for them. Complete with a bunch of guys who play traditional instruments (both old and new), Weckt die Toten! (if I were still in high school this would certainly be known as Wacken mie Offen) is kinda dancy in a folk way, probably great for the English Garden, but for normal listening, it's kinda flat. What's funny about German Power Metal is that it always skirted this line, and it wasn't until last weekend that I figured out (finally!) what it was. I was listening to Blind Guardian's Imaginations from the Other Side album when that musical interlude comes on (song #3), and my girlfriend is like: "It sounds like a rennaisance fair". It sure did, and THAT'S the influence that always made those bands have that element of cheese to me, those sections reminding me of badly dressed skinny guys running around with swords and a lot of fake blood. Do you like the human chessboard? Then you may think that In Extremo is El Supremo, but I can't wait to finish this review and get on to something new. Oh yeah, the whole thing is sung in German, which will either add or detract, depending on your particular inclination. Dis Musik Really Sucken!