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In Flames - Whoracle

1997 Nuclear Blast Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

This eagerly awaited follow-up is sure to please fans of The Jester Race. Let me say here that Whoracle is not Jester Race Two, as many people (including myself) wanted and almost expected. Instead, this is a slower, more mature offering from a band that continues to imporve with every release. This album is thicker and heavier than TJR, with a couple of excellent tracks (Episode 666, Food for the Gods, and a couple of slow spots, which breaks up the flow. In listening to both Whoracle and Jester Race back to back, I can't really put my finger on what makes TJR so "special". There does seem to be a lot of emphasis put on the production on Whoracle, giving a very thick, polished sound. I think this album is heavier, but not as aggresive, with less classical influence. The melody is still present, and the interplay between the musicians is excellent. I think that the main musical draws here slant more towards alternative metal (melodic pop tuned down to B), this may be proven by the choice of covering a Depeche Mode song. Whatever the case, In Flames again forcibly show that they are true contenders in the metal realm, and this is a highly recommended release, on the top ten for 1997.