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Internal Bleeding - Driven to Conquer

1999 Pavement Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Oh yeah, this album just fucking starts, no warning shots, and no pity throughout the whole running time of this monster. Much like Dying Fetus (I'd call these two peers), Internal Bleeding play brutal American Death Metal, complete with incredible guitar work, some truly sick grind vocals, and of course, drum acrobatics from hell. The Addition of Guy Marchais (Pyrexia) has appeared to have twisted this band even further, leading to an interplay between him and Pervelis which competes with the best of them out there. "New" vocalist Lebron has a true gut-wrenching style, I mean, he's got to be sponsored by Chloraseptic. Swirling guitar lines, nicely accented drum patterns, and did I mention that this was fast?! A requisite for bands such as this, regular blast beats almost seem to be too slow for these guys, who have obviously enough confidence in their abilities to be able to come up with some innovative shit at mach 3. I never thought this would be the style that caught my attention the most, but this is yet another album that has been in heavy rotation for the last few weeks. A buy or die if you can appreciate anything brutal out of the state of New York. Last track is contains a 13 minute verbal "thank you" to make sure that no one was forgotten. 8/13/99: Just wanted to add that I caught these guys at Metalfest (after Dying Fetus no less), and they just blew everybody else off the stage. What impressed me the most was the energetic display from these guys given the incredible technicality of their songs. In my humble opinion, one of the top groups in the genre.