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  • King Diamond - Voodoo

    King Diamond - Voodoo
    1998 Metal Blade Records


    The Coven

King Diamond - Voodoo

1998 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

It seems like just yesterday that I was spinning Abigail on my buddy's turntable, but here I am over a decade later throwing in the newest King Diamond disc with a certain degree of trepidation. I've never been the biggest King Diamond fan, for, as most know, it's the voice that just drives me nuts. This aspect of the band (and even more so with companion group Mercyful Fate) is incredibly predominant, leaving most of us to choose a black or white decision of love it or hate it. So, imagine my suprise when I found King's operatic falsetto way more accesible on what proves to be his finest release in years! With a killer mix here, it's La Rocque's guitar which just fucking dominates this disc. This guy rules, and after his tenure here, along with an appearance in Death (Individual Thought Patterns) and his just incredible solo (one solo that will stay in my brain forever!) on "Cold" (At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul) it is evident that he will be inducted into the guitar hall of fame. The vast pool of influences heard here are equally impressive, as I catch pieces of Sabbath, Fates Warning, Marillion and Pink Floyd, to name just a few! Once again, a concept album, feared by many, but old hat to the kingster, who can weave a tale of treachery better than anyone. Drumming is tasty and powerful, allowing the riffs to ride effortlessly over unwavering rhythms. And the voice just fits so well here. What can I say? A definite must, even for those, who like me, had trouble dealing with "the voice", for Voodoo kicks ass, giving the weak "power metal" resurgence something to aspire to.