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  • Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun

    Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun
    1992 Dali Records


Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun

1992 Dali Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

The thickest bowl of sludge to come from California, Kyuss here unleash the slobbering behemoth of fury which must just fucking rage in the desert. Opening track Thumb just throbs, building until the genius which is Green Machine kicks in. The beauty of Kyuss is that they are indescribable. Part doom, part metal, all fuzz, Josh Homme lets his strings melt down to C and just pounds out some of the heaviest riffs ever. I read somwhere that he really hadn't listened to Sabbath all that much, but he musta between Wretch and this, for I hear a lot of Iommi in this guy. Also intersting that ex-Masters of Reality guitarist Chris Goss (messenger from hell?) took over production reigns on this and made them monsters. More scattered than the forthcoming Sky Valley, Blues for the Red Sun is just a total bake-fest of true grunge, unrelenting, and never meant for sunlight. There is no hope here.