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  • Lab Animals - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

    Lab Animals - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    1999 Digital Dimension Records


Lab Animals - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

1999 Digital Dimension Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

The obligatory preface for this review will also serve as a warning to those who any like their music crammed full of distortion: This ain't metal. In fact, Lab Animals remind me of "industrial" as it was perceived at the beginning of the decade, with some late night rave madness thrown in. Now, I've never been to a rave, but I've seen one on TV, and if that is an accurate representation (I'm joking, folks), then Lab Animals know what to do when the 'X' starts to kick in. All fine and dandy, but when I'm listening to this at 9 AM on a Thursday, the effect just isn't there for me. I do dig the Evil Dead 2 samples (one of the greatest movies, ever), and that throws in a point or two, because if it's dictated that you have to have samples, make 'em good. But, after a few tracks, my interest wanes, and I'm skipping around to find something of interest. Hey, if post-industrial dance music is your bag, this is probably good stuff, or it's derivative schlock. Either way, it all kinda sounds similar to me, so ' I'll leave you with that description and state for the record that I could probably find another time to hear this, but most likely Silent Weapons will become another promotional beer coaster while I spin the new Deeds of Flesh album.