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  • Limbonic Art - In Abhorence Dementia

    Limbonic Art - In Abhorence Dementia
    1999 Nocturnal Art Records


Limbonic Art - In Abhorence Dementia

1999 Nocturnal Art Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

I first heard Limbonic Art on one of the Blackend compilations, and much like Diabolical Masquerade, their latest release far surpasses anything that exists in their back catalog. Major player Morfeus is credited with being the "Keymaster" here, and I guess I'll let that slide, as IAD contains some truly monumental synth passages, deserving some serious accolades. There are so many keyboard layers here that some might argue that they're the main focus. Maybe, and with the drums also being programmed, the feel is definitely electronic, but it's performed in such a way that I'm not turned off by it. Limbonic Art is basically Morfeus and Daemon, a two man band that probably don't tour that much, instead spending most of their time perfecting these highly sequenced songs which I would say, are among the elite in the atmospheric black metal scene today. They aren't short compositions either, most tracks being around the 7 minute mark, the whole disc coming in at a whopping 70 minutes. Not much in the way of filler here either, all 9 tracks just ripping along at an inhuman pace. I did drop the term atmospheric, but I guess that term is a bit open to interpretation, Limbonic Art being first and foremost a black metal band, just using symphonics to elevate the music above solid grating guitar tones. An excellent release, in my oh so humble opinion, perfect for getting the blood moving on a sluggish winter day.