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  • Moritician - Zombie Apocalypse

    Moritician - Zombie Apocalypse
    1998 Relapse Records


Moritician - Zombie Apocalypse

1998 Relapse Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-07

The ultimate homage to horror movies, or 27 minutes of your life drained away? I've seen both reactions to Mortician's latest offering, and I guess I have to say that I fall somewhere in the middle. I have seen this album just blasted, and honestly, upon repeated listens, it's not all that bad! The samples, which actually bothered me quite a bit at first (usually, samples are cool the first couple times, then they start to get old, fast) add to the element which I'm sure Mortician were going for when they recorded this. Zombie Apocalyse is the perfect album for holing up in your room with the lights off, planning mass destruction. There are some serious negatives to be found, however. At a playing time of roughly 27 minutes, this is a definite E.P., with half of this amount being samples or cover songs. That's too bad, because it's on the original, mid-paced riffs where Mortician show promise, for there are some seriously killer riffs here, especially on the song Incinerated. The drum programming is also a big drawback for me. On the mid-tempo stuff, it almost sounds pretty realistic, but on the blast beats, it's like a jackhammer. Vocals are unintelligable grunts, but of the deathly type that fans of this genre just devour. This is some pretty brutal stuff here, thick sludgy guitars captured with really nice production. If it wasn't for that damn snare! The covers are so-so, but then again, I'm jaded, because F.O.D. was almost my least favorite song on Strappado. The Repulsion cover is a little better, but still not as good as their original material. In the end, we have a halfway decent E.P. that, for the money, will fit perfectly in any horror film buffs soundtrack case. If Mortician could get a live drummer, and maybe expound on some of those kick-ass riffs, the next album could be a truly brutal contender.