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  • Pan-Thy-Monium - Khaooos and Kon-Fus-Ion

    Pan-Thy-Monium - Khaooos and Kon-Fus-Ion
    1996 Relapse Records


Pan-Thy-Monium - Khaooos and Kon-Fus-Ion

1996 Relapse Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

A truly strange outing, Pan-Thy-Monium (comprised partly of Edge of Sanity, both old and new) dish out unique hybrid metal. Parts new age, progressive rock, southern guitar, grindcore and jazz, Khaooos and Kon-Fus-Ion is aptly named. The thing is, it manages to all hold together despite the Mr. Bungle approach to the compositions. The album clocks in at 34 minutes, but it is really only comprised of two songs which are the "meat" of the album. Heavily sludged guitars kick in, only to be replaced by a disharmonic sax solo. Grunted vocals intertwine with a 70's feel guitar riff. This whole thing borders on either genius or insanity, depending on your mood. I, of course, happen to feel that Pan-Thy-Monium have made a stunning achievement here, and my only regret is that it lasts a measly 25 minutes. There is just too much going on to comprehend at once, or describe here. Take the most experimental sides of Dan Swan?, and add a lead guitarist who can slide through whatever style they feel like, and you have the makings of a very eclectic metal album. This is definitely for those that seek something "different", for it may just annoy the shit out of everyone else.