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Pungent Stench - Master of Moral, Servants of Sin

2001 Nuclear Blast Records :: Reviewed by skeksis on 2005-10-17

Ah, good old wholesome pungent stench. Many of you may remember them from their ';Been Caught Buttering'; album in 1991 and its hilarious/gross out cover. The pungent ones were never one of the top tier bands during the death metal movement, using their shocking lyrics and album covers to compensate for their mediocre musical ability. Well, after a several year hiatus, the Stench has decided to reform and grace us with ';Masters...'; and in all honesty, it';s not really a bad album. Don';t ask me what they';re singing about as I haven';t a clue (no lyrics), but I';m pretty sure its not about sunsets and daisy fields. Musically, its still pretty simple, but this is actually the first record from the group that I could sit through. There seems to be a heavier emphasis on melody this time around, like the Gorefest like ';Schools out Forever';. Some songs also have an almost Cannibal Corpse like feel to the frantic riffing. I wish I could comment on tracks 3 on, but Nuclear Blast has seen fit to send one of those oh so irritating promos that fade out. So, the rest of the album starts ok, but don';t ask me if the songs keep their momentum. Way to go Nuclear Blast. On a whole, a hell of lot more entertaining than nearly every one of the new crop of black metal bands out today. But if you were into the scene during the early 90';s, you';ve probably got a gazillion things that sound like this or better. One for the fans.