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  • Sacrifice - Forward to Termination

    Sacrifice - Forward to Termination
    1987 Metal Blade Records


Sacrifice - Forward to Termination

1987 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

Ahhh, Sacrifice. This is the album which first introduced me to these guys way back in 1987. For weeks after this came in the mail I could be heard on the subway chanting "Feel the rush, destroy the mind, saved from hell, CYANIDE!". Needless to say, that was unfortunately all that I remembered about this little gem until Rob picked it up again last week. The first thing that impressed me again was the excellent guitar work, and the suprisingly crisp production for the time. Of course, this was released in the heyday of speed metal, where chops were king, and guitars were standard tuned for your listening pleasure. Sacrifice essentially created a time capsule, capturing all that was there for us in the late 80's era of metal. Some similarities to countrymates Razor, but it's Urbinati's unique voice and searing riffs that set this apart. Standout tracks Re-animation and Cyanide are just killer chunkage, ready to tear your head off and accompanied by some really sweet leads. The album does tend to sound a bit "dated", but in a time where bands who try to imitate this sound are being signed by the dozen, it's refreshing to hear once again where it all came from. If you can find this I definitely recommend picking it up. A solid release for those who miss speed metal like I do.