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Samael - Eternal

1999 Century Media Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-09-04

Now I finally understand where they were going with the Exodus E.P., Eternal just being a ghost of the brilliance that existed on Passage. Similar to Rotting Christ, modern Samael holds no relation to it's previous incarnation, no being a synthy, techo band which kinda sucks. Now, I really liked Passage, and it filled a definite spot for me, but this is just lame, rehashing the same songs as that album, which makes the entire thing end up sounding fake. The "Hoo, Ha" choral lines in the first 30 seconds of the disc are an early warning that this is flying nonstop towards the land of eternal cheese. If you want to hear a near-perfect display of orchaestrated metal, get Passage, and leave this thing the hell alone. I was looking forward to this too, and my disappointment can be felt across vast galaxies, spanning multiple planes of existence, blah blah blah...