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Sentenced - Love and Death

1995 Century Media Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

Changing faces once more, Love and Death is sort of a midrange album between the power of Amok and the catchy sap that makes up Down. Not the biggest fan of EPs, Love and Death is one of those few documents that is worth owning, for it bridges the gap between the two LPs nicely, while also giving forth 4 killer new tracks (with throwaway cover of Billy Idol's White Wedding as well). Opener The Way I Wanna Go, Dreamlands and Closer Love and Death show some of the commercial aspects of the band, while keeping some of the older darkness. Only track Obsession (penned by Jarwa) harkens back to their earlier work. 21 minutes, but as I said, worth it for the Sentenced fan.