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Six Feet Under - Warpath

1997 Metal Blade Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

What once began as ultimate Florida supergroup has paid it's dues and proved that Haunted was not a one hit wonder. The tone is slow and swampy, as Chris Barnes and the boys dish out some dropped-D madness, Obituary style. Unfortunately, Obituary style may mean copping a few riffs from Allen's "other" band, but hey, if it works... Repitition is key here, as each song is basically a one to two riff show, which works for me, but could be an annoyance. There are some meaty grooves here though, and some hooks that stick in my head for quite a while after. I also dig Chris Barnes' delivery here more than anything on older Cannibal, it just seems to fit so well here. Self-described stoner metal, and I see this being easily ingested whilst under the influence. For me, taking it straight I do enjoy it just the same. A pretty kick ass cover of Holocaust's Death or Glory rounds things out, leaving me pretty satisfied. Nice to see somebody bridging the gap between speed and crawl metal. Harkens back to the 80's, ahhh, what a time. I know that this is revered in small circles, which is a testament to the power that is Six Feet Under.