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Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets

1998 Relapse Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-08

Created in Hardcore, molded in metal and steeped in grind, New Orleans' Soilent Green can be likened to nothing you've ever heard before. Similar to Mr. Bungle in their hybridization of styles and creativity, Soilent Green effortlessly flip between bouncy jazz passages to absolute blast in a heartbeat, snatching you along for the ride. The musicianship here is incredible, controlled chaos would be an accurate description of what's going on here, as you can smell that things are always residing right next to the straining point. Much of the pacing can be attributed to one Tommy Buckley, obviously not of this planet, this boy can whip out whatever beat is called for with ferocity and authority. As much as this blasts, every guitar lick is discernible, something to be said for the excellent production. Lyrics on the other hand... More of a stream of consciousness essay on the darker side of humanity (especially our sexuality and predatory instincts), the prose within is a terrifying rise though the apparently normal mind of vocalist Ben Falgoust. The songs are self-described by the band as a hybrid of older styles into something new, I would tend to agree, for that's what gives this record it's enigmatic qualities. One minute you'll hear an old Slayer riff, then an instant break into something akin to Heresy, then abruptly you're listening to vaudeville. Truly strange, yet just begs for repeated listens to catch everything. Sewn Mouth Secrets is only growing on me after time, and is recommended for those that are into the bizarre and extreme side of things. It's obvious that these guys put a lot of time into practice, and it's appreciated.