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Suffocation - Breeding the Spawn

1993 Roadrunner Records :: Reviewed by rofreason on 2005-07-14

The biggest complaint of anyone regarding this album is the Scott Burns paper thin production. My personal theory is that Burns was burned on the death thing, preferring to track bands like Cynic and Atheist, which may explain what happened here. New addition Chris Richards (Sorrow) is a bass monster, and I think Burns just tried to accentuate the technical side of the band, which was mistake number 1. Sure, these guys are excellent guitarists, but that's not why we listen, we want the brutality, and that requires a heavy as hell mix to permeate our thickened skulls. I don't care though, this is still a killer album with more of the classic Suffocation riffs, leads and artillery fire drumming. If anything, the band is tighter and faster here. Don't make this the lost Suffo album in your collection, for in my opinion, it's par for everything this seminal band has released.